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since 2013
Savoring Tradition, Crafting Innovation: The Culinary Odyssey of The Catering Company in Sussex County, DE


In the heart of Sussex County, DE, my culinary journey blossomed, influenced by a vibrant tapestry of family traditions. Raised by my Amish grandmother and a mother from a Lancaster, Pennsylvania farm, our home became a haven for homemade, local, and fresh cuisine.

Guided by the essence of these diverse culinary heritages, my mother's kitchen became my initial classroom. The dinner table, a nightly gathering place, symbolized the importance of family and meals made from scratch.

Fueled by this rich background, I pursued a Culinary Arts Degree post-high school, formalizing my passion for gastronomy. Today, every dish I create echoes the legacy of rustic kitchens and farmstead traditions, a blend of heritage and innovation woven into each culinary masterpiece.

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